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What Are MOFD's True Assets and Liabilities?

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In 1997 MOFD promised to spend parcel tax money on pipes

What else was promised to voters in 1997 and what have we received?

FAIR is a group of concerned citizens who are working to get the Orinda City Council to conduct an objective and thorough investigation of MOFD (Moraga-Orinda Fire District) to determine if MOFD is being equitably funded by Orinda and its partner Moraga and if MOFD can operate more efficiently, thereby freeing up limited property tax dollars to address Orinda's major safety challenges: crumbling roads, storm drains, and a deficient water delivery system. FAIR believes that such an investigation will show that:
•    Orinda is currently paying $1,200,000 more than its fair share of MOFD's funding costs.
•    This inequity grows each year as Orinda's property tax base grows faster than Moraga's.
•    Correcting the inequity would save Orinda about $20 million over the next decade!
•    Alternative service plans could triple those savings and provide afordable service for Moraga.
FAIR recognizes the quality and professionalism of MOFD firefighters.  However, we are dissatisfied with MOFD management decisions which have made MOFD the most costly fire department in Contra Costa County, indeed among the most costly in the Bay Area!  Cost effective alternatives maintaining quality service levels need to be examined.

FAIR's supporters include many community volunteers with outstanding records of past service to Orinda. FAIR was formed in early 2009 following the final report of the Revenue Enhancement Task Force (RETF) to the city council. Our rapidly growing membership is currently over 70 residents of both Orinda and Moraga.

• The average Orinda household's annual property tax bill for emergency services is $1,730; comparable tax
   bills in Moraga and Lafayette are $1,070 and $870, respectively.
• Including the "fire-flow" parcel tax, Orinda pays 23.8% and Moraga 20.5% of their property taxes to
   MOFD; the county average is 12%.  By comparison, the City of Orinda receives only 7.4% of the property
   taxes and the town of Moraga 5.3%.
• Orinda pays $11.5 million in property taxes each year to MOFD for the 11 firefighter stationed in Orinda.
  This equates to $1,050,000 per firefighter.  At the same time, Moraga pays $6 million for its 8 firefighters
  which equates to $750,000 per firefighter.  No one can explain why Orinda pays $300,000 more per firefighter
  than Moraga.  And this is increasing every year.
• The MOFD annual budget, over $19 million, is greater than the Orinda ($11 million) and the
   Moraga ($6 million) budgets combined. It is also over three times what we pay for police services. 
   FAIR does not believe there is another community with this allocation of funds.
• The over-funding of MOFD is a result of increasing property taxes.  Since 1997, when MOFD was formed,
   Orinda's property taxes to MOFD have increased 134%.  In that same period inflation has gone up 43%.
80% of all MOFD emergencies are medical calls requiring paramedics and EMTs; not necessarily firefighters.
    In 2009, MOFD responded to 1,673 medical incidents and 16 building fires.
  The average MOFD firefighter costs the district $250,000 per year.
• The administration of MOFD costs almost $4,000,000 per year.


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FAIR needs community support to effect change.  Please email us by clicking below and add your name to the growing list of citizens who want EFFICIENT as well as effective emergency services and who want our city leaders to take action.

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